About Us

Saedi Works is a design and digital agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Our creative lab integrates beautiful technology with functional design to create innovative, user-friendly products that work. Constantly striving to improve, we view outside input and our expertise as equally important to an end result that surpasses expectations. So we thrive in good listening, but never hesitate to challenge your vision of a project.

To enhance your brand, website, or business model, you need creators with ideas that work. That’s why Saedi Works. Count on us to be efficient, precise, and fearless in realizing your design and tech needs.


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Meet the Team

Himsheela Bharati

With her keen eye for design Himsheela combines elements of traditional design with a modern flair to create digital art that is visually stunning and truly unique.

Skills: UI/UX Design, Illustation and Data Visualization

Shailesh Joshi
Managing Director

He is the architect behind our creative solutions, providing the infrastructure and support for our web and application development.

Skills: Mobile/Web Development, System Admin/security, Database Management

Suniel K.C.
Sr. UI/UX Engineer

His development work brings the designs to life in our projects. He is the main engine that builds the interactiveness and effects in the websites along with the beautiful music in our ears.

Skills: Frontend Frameworks (Html, css, less, scss), WordPress, Mobile and Web Design

Luniva Shakya
Sr. Creative Director

Motivated by learning new things and implementing them creatively, Luniva creates designs that are unique and different with her creatively new ideas and concepts.

Skills: Illustrations, Design and concept visualizing

Subarna Adhikari

With her keen interest in programming and desire to learn new things, Subarna is constantly looking to apply new trends to her work.

Skills: Android, WordPress, API Management

Anmol Dhewaju

Skills: Illustrations, Sketches

Advisors at Saedi Works
Kedar Man Joshi
Mahesh Maharjan
Technical Advisor

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