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Disable Newlife Center (DNC)

An event that took place near Gokarna Resort, near the high hills of K-town, where all the physically challenged children were sneaking on their high balcony top to see some of us enter the gates into their building. Disabled Newlife Center (DNC) was established in 1998 with the purpose of providing support to the physically challenged children in Nepal.

Saedi Works were invited by a driven group of youngsters called the KTM Drive to hold a crafty and creative workshop for the kids at DNC. The aim was for the children to participate through creations, involvement in listening plus an exercise through an interactive level of crafty skills.

The workshop started off by distributing the itinerary prepared by us before hand. After introducing ourselves to the group of 30 children, we split them into three groups each, dividing them by their age, including 10 kids each in a group.

The session began through an introductory speech by Himsheela, the Creative Director, together with our Technical Director Shailesh Joshi and Digbijaya, the Marketing Director at Saedi Works, who thoroughly gave an idea on ‘how to make’ and ‘what to make’ in the simplest of words so it’s understood by the majority. The creative team came with a group of 10 people who were leaders of each session. The session promoted the makings of handmade bags, character bookmarks, paper collage and fun emoticons, emoticons, which expressed their own appearance happened to be the most popular amongst them all.

The three separate sessions across the 3rd to the 10th graders allowed us to understand the need to give high level of attention to the youngsters who were working on character bookmarks and emoticons on pre-cut circular paper for them to simply draw on.  The eldest group of kids were involved with a more challenging task of creating the handmade bags after drawing in the topic of ‘their dreams and aspirations’.

We collected all the craftworks from the kids and held a mini session by announcing each individual’s name which carried with a loud applause. The event was filled with smiles, craft tools, coloring pens and laughter.

Almost three hours into the event, we were surprised by ice-cream and snacks to enjoy amongst ourselves.



Personalised Handmade bags made by the kids themselves.

Fun character bookmarks created by the kids at DNC.

A kid illustrates about Nepal on the bag template.

Teaching arts and crafts through mini-projects to kids.

Disabled Newlife Center, Gokarna, Nepal