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Meet Slim & Saedi

In the month of November, two astounding characters became a part of Saedi Works. The first one to join us is Slim, an anthropomorphic paper-bag-head man who is fun but also has a aggravating attitude with his sarcasms and dumb pranks. Nevertheless, he has a lovable personality due to his enthusiastic and hyperactive behavior. Saedi, is a robust octopus who is serious, anti-social, workaholic, nerdy, carefree character who is known for his multi-tasking abilities.

They both were an instant fit to the team. Slim always shares his stories and adventures, explaining every bit of challenge he overcame with added morals in the end. His stories taught us various things about life and challenges, some other stories made our stomachs hurt due to unstoppable laughter.

Subsequently, Saedi shows high work ethics with a carefree (my-time) nature, as he prefers no disturbances. The multi-tasker is much more focused on his work and is a shopaholic of gadgets to any fashionable items. Drumming is one of his passions.
We feel that having them around has brought a great balance to our team and also the working environment has been much more enjoyable. They are going to be with us for a whole year and many more memories are to come so keep tuning into our blog. We wish them a wonderful journey at Saedi Works, and hope throughout the year. We can hear much more about their adventures and friendship.

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