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Be Labels

We helped Kathmandu-based fashion brand Be Labels announce their presence to the industry with a branding renovation and website design that showcases the fashion house’s innovative style and flaunt. Inspired by Be Label’s passion to synthesize traditional Nepali clothing with transnational, cutting-edge design, we created an elegant, modern brand platform with roots in Asian aesthetics. Furthermore, our website design highlights Be Label’s international stature while showcasing its locally-inspired design. The label’s two sister companies, Drape Democracy and Bijay Gautam, were highlighted while integrated into the mother brand. (Drape Democracy and Bijay Gautam)

Be Labels Branding

Full Branding and logo design for Belabels

Drape and Gautam Branding

Logo and Branding for Gautam and Drape

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Responsive Designs

Making Website look amazing on mobile/tablet