As a full-service creative studio, we can maximize your organization’s potential through branding, digital solutions, and print media. Count on us for immediate bespoke solutions, long-term guidance on your brand identity, and everything in between. We’ll work with you from concept discussions to project completion to ensure an ideal realization of your needs and vision. Our freedom of thought and passion for innovation delivers instant creativity!


Data Visualization

Data is one of the most important part of content. Datas can give you various facts and figures which might be difficult to view at a glance or hard to understand. So data visualization is a concept of presenting data in dynamic and creative ways so that it becomes impactful, engaging and memorable. Anyone can understand what is going on at a glance. All the datas are calculated in real time.

Online Data Visualization
Print Data Visualization
Mobile Data Visualization


Our E-commerce service delivers secure, highly functional sites that fulfill your brand’s customized needs and integrate various payment methods. Our philosophy recognizes that user consumption varies according to the quality of the online purchasing platform. So we prioritize making your customers’ shopping experience seamless and user-friendly, with a high-quality design that impresses across all devices.

Easy and Secure Payment Integration
Customizable Shipping
Easy to ad coupons/products/categories


Illustrations gives you an alternate way to represent your business/services in an alternate way. Our illustration, and drawing team can work on various styles from cartoons, technical drawings, portraiture and even caricatures.

Services provided:
Character Illustration
Book Cover/ Magazine Illustration
Architectural Illustration
Icons and CGI Illustration
Technical drawings

Website Development




Our website development capabilities provide the full-range of services you need to grow your online presence. Our diverse team ensures that you don’t have to sacrifice functionality for design, or vice versa. Our own mandate is to create engaging, secure, practical websites whether we’re inspiring with original creations or following instructions for a bespoke product. In practice, this means you can count on us for a personalized WordPress site on a tight deadline, a larger scale project built from scratch, and easy to use content management system. Furthermore, we offer 3 months of free maintenance on all our sites to ensure you’re happy with the final, working product.

Responsive across different devices
Highly Flexible and Customizable
Beautiful UI and UX
Easy to Use CMS for content update





We thrive in designing print products that effectively synthesize design, readability, and brand identity. We specialize in calendars, brochures, booklets, and all other variations of old-fashioned material but incorporate unique and avant-garde visual compositions. Blending art and practicality, our print solutions are striking and comprehensible at the same time. We push forward with bold and innovative layouts that stand out while maintaining readability.
calendar, brochure, booklet
make sure design matches brand identity
creative, unique, funky design



Web Design


Websites are an essential online medium for businesses and organizations looking to expand their reach. Our web designs range from bespoke productions of individual components to holistic original creations by our team. While ensuring the effective representation of your brand, we bring your identity to life in graphic design, dynamic animation, stunning page layout and much more. These artful creations are supported by our commitment to making the user experience practical, engaging, and enjoyable. – bespoke designs, solving problems through user-experience and interface. Bringing something that is rudimentary to life, We make sure that the brand experience is consistent.
not just looks, how it presents information
ensure content is easily readable, UI vs. UX





Our illustrations blend art and practicality by expressing a specific message in visual form. Our team uses varying levels of design complexity depending on the demands of the project. So we have the expertise to produce elaborate, technically demanding infographics as well as minimalist aesthetics that focus only on the essentials. In all these projects, we translate your organization’s identity into a coherent design solution.
Represent Brand





Branding is the primary means for businesses to connect with consumers in a highly saturated marketplace. Our branding philosophy is to focus on the details that make you different than your competitors. By bringing out the best inside your company into communicative design, we help you stand out in the right ways. We’re a team that translates your organizational uniqueness into an effective brand identity that gets results. Our branding technique is to concentrate on the details. Every detail counts. Branding is the face of the company and it’s essential to make the right moves on designing for it. Branding is a root which can have many other ways to express itself but within it’s branding space.

App Development


Mobile Application

Our dedicated App team produces highly functional, user-friendly products that also incorporate a flair for effective design. We specialize in Android and iOS platforms and are also flexible enough to use tools like Phone Gap for quick deployment on all devices. Our team closely follows new software releases to ensure that your app maintains compatibility in old and new versions. We also use rigorous testing standards to ensure high performance across all devices.

Desktop Application


Our team provides you with a cross platform desktop application that suits your need. The application can be a single user application or for the whole enterprise, we put a high value on multilayer protection of our offline apps so people are not able to steal your data and information.





Every brand needs a great website. But a great website only helps your business if it gets sustained traffic growth. We use our SEO expertise to ensure that your website doesn’t get lost on the web. By orienting your online platforms towards the top of relevant Google searches, our services ensure that potential clients see you first. Furthermore, our SEO team stays up on top of progressive developments in SEO standards to ensure that our work adjust accordingly.


Social Media Marketing


In today’s world, the value of social media to your business should not be underestimated. Social media engagement is the most important medium to connect with followers. Our SMM team provides your brand the catchy graphics and motivating content that attracts clients and customers. We make your social media page a success by harnessing the power of instant communication to reach the greatest number of people. By generating the narratives, graphics, and mechanisms that capture the gaze of consumers in a content-rich online world, our work grows your brand’s online presence.

Video Production


Promotional Video


We make promotional videos/clips for promoting a new business or increasing awareness for a business/service. A promotional video increases awareness and sets a exclusive brand image for an organization/company. We have a lot of expertise in creating a innovative video which includes a lot of creative shooting methods/techniques which enhance processes of psychological marketing.


Animation Video


Saedi Works also specializes in animation videos which are profoundly new, we have a confident and strong team specializing in animation video’s. We are proud of the previous achievements we have made on animations which include “Mark ups” and “2D animations”. By using animation videos it is able to attract the viewer instantly and hook the client to your memory immediately.